Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Review – Awesome Smartphone With HUGE Battery Life


The redmi 4 prime is made out of mat metal and feels pretty close Xaomi mi5s, it’s not slippery and pretty easy to use one-handed because it is a 5 inch for and curve on the back really help with gripping as well. The curve also made this phone thinner than it really is, because it’s actually one of the thickest Redmi phone at around 9mm. You have the non-lit capacitive buttons at bottom. And I think this is the first redmi device to not have a black bar around the screen, anything that not screen is just metal which is great.

I don’t have many complaint about build – it’s feel good, it’s compact, the design is updated but I will say that redmi 4 still looks little bit bored compare to mi5s or redmi note 2.


Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
Display 5.0″ 1920 x 1080 px, IPS LCD
Storage 32GB
Operating System Android 6.0 with MIUI8
Cameras 16MP + 8MP Camera
Battery 4100mAh
Physical Properties 156g, 141.3 x 69.6 x 8.9 mm


We have a real decent 1080p IPS display on the redmi 4 and the display looks sharp. It’s actually looks sharper then the MI note 2 – One, because MI note 2’s screen is bigger and Two because MI note 2 uses a pentile display as well. Colour are displayed pretty accurately and generally looks nice. But the screen doesn’t match up to top end AMOLED and top end LED as well. It also has the Gorilla glass covering screen.


It has a speaker at the bottom and I’m trying my best to be adjective with the speaker quality just because speaker on the redmi note 2 is pretty good. But on the redmi 4, the speakers here are just average. Volume wise – they pump up pretty loud sound, not as loud as mi5s but definitely loud enough for day to day use but quality wise it’s doen’t match with MI note 2. It’s not a clear as MI note 2 and it’s pretty much lacking in Bass.


I never thought a Redmi device could surprise me in terms of battery life but here it did. So again, I was expecting amazing results – 6 hours of Screen on Time, 25% battery left NO PROBLEM. But this Redmi 4 blow my expectations out of the water. It was able to get a mind-boggling 10 hours of screen on time split between two days with 3% left. I mean I don’t even know what to say. Do I continue my Lenovo Z2 plus with snapdragon 820 and 6 hours of screen on time for one day OR the Redmi 4 and get 2 days of battery life with snapdragon 625. I’m still undecided, it;s really hard decision here. So, here I have to say about battery life absolutely no body will be able to kill this phone in one single day unless you do something crazy. Heavy to ultra-heavy users – you can get at least 2 days of use out of this phone. Medium and ligth users – you can get at least 3 days possibly even 4 may be stretching upto a week depending on how light your use is. Definitely the best part of Redmi 4 prime is THE BATTERY LIFE.

Software & Performance

I am not gonna spend too much time talking about MIUI, Basically we have MIUI 8 on top of android marshmallow. So general use in MIUI 8 is very fluid, swapping between home screen, opening and closing apps is also all very fast. It is a tad slower than the MI note 2 and MI5s because those two both have 4GB of RAM and a snapdragon 821 processor which is understandable because they both are higher flagships. But still in general use it’s very good. So, in general use the snapdragon 625 processor with 3 Gigs of RAM does very well in multi-tasking. You can multi-tasks extremely well, you can open and close apps very fast. If you compare with high-end phones like MI note 2 or MI5s it’s little bit slower but not that much. The fingerprint sensor on the back works fine, it’s not fastest fingerprint sensor in the world but it’s definitely fast enough. It’s also accurate enough for daily use but I will say that I’m used to of front facing fingerprint sensor now a days because I’m using my Oneplus 3 as my daily driver so it is a bit of a transition to move back to back facing fingerprint sensor.


I don’t really have much to say about the connectivity expect make sure this phone works with your carrier before buying it.Reception for me was good speed was good, no complaint there. Bluetooth, wifi, GPS all works well. Bluetooth range reaches better than my lenovo z2 plus. There is also a micro SD card slot.


So, here we have a very good camera for a budget cell phone. However, if you compare to the best chinese flagship like the MI note 2 then it’s obviously not that great. That been said though in great light conditions the difference in pictures between the redmi 4 OR the MI note 2 actually pretty small. Pictures are slightly less crisp compared to the MI note 2 but not by much. In bad lighting though – the gap widens very very fast. Starts seeing a lot of noise and grains into the photos and really doesn’t look that great. But keep in mind that this is a budget phone. The front facing camera is OK in good lighting and bad in bad lighting. The rear camera can take upto 1080p video, auto autofocus is little bit wonky but not nothing too great. 1080p videos looks good in great lighting but in bad light the video start deteriorating as well.


So, the biggest improvement we have here is the battery life – it’s completely out of this world. I mean, what normal size phone is able to get a heavy users to two days of heavy use, 10 hours of screen on time at least, that’s just INSANE no question about that. You have the snapdragon 625, 1080p Display, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage, all these are very mid range specifications. The only down size I can think of are the speakers and low light camera performance but at this price I don’t think you can complain about those things. If you have the redmi 4 prime set in you heart that you want to buy it – Do note that this is a great phone and you will not be disappointed.

That’s all folks – do let me know what you think about the redmi 4 prime in the comment below 🙂