The Top 10 Things You Need To Know For The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


“Hey guys this is Aakash from TechNoidz. So, Apple launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and in case you miss the event here is a 10 things you need to know about the iPhone. So Let’s get started.”

The Built

we still have an all metal built, but the antenna lines have been more built from top to the bottom making for a clean buck, that still on camera bump more of the camera is in built the iPhone has water and dust resistant, having IP67 rating and you know about the headphone jack – that’s GONE. Apple have graciously just removed it.

Apple will be including the lightning to 3.5mm turn the bucks as far the colors space grace has been replaced with black and there is premium jet black option too. Well the first is a matte finish – this is piano black glossy. It looks great but apple’s got a disclaimer and saying might become a few more scratches thanks to that gloss and the jet black color option is not available for the base variant.


The depth of 16GB of storage finally base variant starts a 32GB and then we have 128GB and 256GB of options, no 64 at all and even the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus are being upgraded to 32GB to 128GB storage, if you want a jet black I phone you have to pay for the 128GB on 256GB variants.

The Home Button

Apple claims to every engineered on it scratch. The home button is now force touch sensitive and works with apple’s taptic engine. This home button customizable for third party apps and also incorporated though-out from IOS for various uses including quick action messages, notifications, ringtones, taptic engine API of course 3D touch is present.


I couldn’t help but chuckle when apple announce the iPhone 7s having the best display on any smartphone or tab – still badly HD on 7 and full HD on 7 plus. The display supposed to be 25 percent brighter and offer a wider color gamut than the one of the last generation’s iPhone but seriously I aspect the at least full HD across both the devices. Sub full HD in 2016 is atrocious anonymous opinion what do you guys think let me know about this in comment section below.


The iPhone 6s has beat every android phone till date and a speed test so performance is an area apple takes quite seriously and iPhone 7 is no different. The iPhone 7 is having A10 fusion chip. This chip has two high -performance cores that work 40percent faster than A9, plus 2 power efficient cores than just consume the 1/5th power of the A9. The hexa-core GPU is 50 percent faster than the one on iPhone 6s and consumes just two-third the power, so lots of improvement here.

That says that despite all the claims of the battery usage, the phones is supposed to offer just 2 hours more when it comes to battery life. Apple haven’t mention the battery capacity they usually don’t at launch event but anyway let’s reserves judgement when we get the devices.

Wireless Airpods

The 3.5mm headphone jacks been courageously removed but apple introduced wireless air pods sold separately of-course.

But the best part here is that the iPhone now have stereo speakers top and bottom.


And as per as camera is go to the front both phone support 7MP face time cameras. I haven’t seen a 7MP implementation and like ever. If u don’t know of one let me know the comments below, I’m curious. To the back we have an all new 12MP sensor with the wide F1.8 aperture should allow to more light in parallel images but also make for a shallow it at the field, both the 7 or 7plus get optical image stabilization this time around and then also a quad LED with double tone flash thrown in for good measure. It’s also worth mentioning that the apple tweak live photos, you get a crop add, add filters. They even add video stabilization in live photos. Not that’s just for the iPhone 7 but also 7plus have all these and extra 12MP camera. The first one is wide angle 28mm lens just found in the iPhone 7 and the other got the 56mm telephoto lenses so basically this lets Apple provides 2x optical zoom without the lens having to physically extend. Apple also throwing in 10x digital zoom and you remember the depth of field detection and background blurred for great looking shots of features that HTC made popular with the M8 once that been widely adopted by android manufacturers. Well Apple’s taken it and refined it and now with the 7plus you get live view of the bokeh. This will not be available at launch and should be added via free software update later.

Software – iOS 10

Maps get a makeover, SIRI gets updated and well for that from the app store – the phone wakes up when you pick it up, the keyword gets contextual learning and though you might have seen all these earlier on a certain other mobile OS that did not stop Tim Cook from calling iOS 10 the world’s most advance mobile operating system – YEAH THAT HAPPANED. 😀

Price and Availability

The iPhone 6s and 6splus taking a $100 price cut despite to getting to 2x base storage. The iPhone 7 and 7 plus occupies the same price slot that the 6s or 6s plus did 32GB ($649), 128GB ($749), 256GB ($849). Well almost the 7 plus $20 expensive. In INDIA the iPhone7 is supposed to started at 60,000 INR almost the 30 percent higher than the rates in the US. Pre-order will go live on September 9 and the first wave of country shipments start on the 16th of September and for India it’s 7th of October.