How To Block & Check Who’s Using Your WiFi


“HELLO my name is AAKASH CHAUHAN. Today we are talking about the privacy of WI-FI. IF you want to know who is using your WI-FI network and how many devices connected to your Wifi or you want a particular person or device, so that particular person or device will not be able to access you network and you want to create a device list with the device whom have your Wifi password but you want other device will not access your Wifi. SO, today we are going to learn all these things. Now let’s see how many devices are connected with your device.”

SO, there is a question- How to identify the device connected to your WI-FI.  There are two ways


Download WIRELESS NETWORK WATCHER, here is the link – Now you simply extract the file, after extracting – open the wnetwatcher. There is info will appear like IP Address and MAC Address. You can find all the devices connected with your wifi.


Login to TP link website. Type default IP Address ( and press enter. Now you enter the Router Id and Password then simply login. For your information let me tell you in the username password already set like user id-admin and password- admin.

But for you sack of safety you have to changed your password. It’s important to change your Id and Password because anyone knows this default setting they can easily Hack your wifi. If still you have not changed your id and password, then please change it. Now you are on TP link website. There’re so many information like ip address and mac address.

Then go to the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration protocol) > DHCP Clients List.

You can find the how many devices are connected in on your device.

IF you want to see the ip address in laptop simply go to the search box and type cmd and open the command prompt and write ipconfig and press enter. Now you can see the ip address to match with the WIRELESS NETWORK WATCHER AND TP LINK WEBSITE.

SO we had seen how many devices are connected through wifi. IF u want to block any device that how can you do that.


First you want to block any of device than first of all you should know the mac address of that device. Here is the instruction for finding mac address in android.

Go to the settings > the about device > status

You can find the ip address and mac address.

To block the device- go to the DHCP, where we found all the device. Copy the mac address of the device and go to the wireless. Go to the left side option Wireless Mac Filtering. Click on deny option and go to the add new and paste the mac address of that device. Go to the description add your device username. Click on save button and again go to the option Wireless Mac Filtering and enable it.