AMD Announces RYZEN 5 Line-up CPUs – Price Starts from $169, Available from April 11th


So, AMD just reveals their new line-up of RYZEN 5 CPUs. OHHHHH MYYYYY F*CKINGGGGGGG GODDDDDDDDD :D…. This is really exictinggggggggggggggg

So, those of you who are unfamiliar with RYZEN 5, these just fall behind RYZEN 7 in term of performance which is their top of the line CPU right now. However, We’re going to see a lot more aggressive pricing with these particular options than RYZEN 7 which makes it a very attractive deal for budget gamers, content creators alike.

We have got four news to discuss today in relative detail as AMD didn’t give everything away. So, we gonna talk about four of these parts two of which are 6 core, 12-Thread the other two have 4 core, 8 Thread. So, definitely a nice range of option in capabilities between these various CPUs in the R5 line-up. RYZEN 5 series is going to launch on April 11 ‘Save the DATE guys’.

I also want to mention that all those SKUs are gonna be featuring unlock multipliers. So, all you over-clockers out there go ahead and Tweak N’Tune your various clock speeds higher than what they are weighted out of the box and lastly I want to mention that SENSEMI is also going to apply to all of these parts as well. SENSEMI again is just an AMD sort of umbrella of technologies to really improve the user experience and performance of the chip itself, this thing includes like precision boost, EFR(Extended Frequency Range) and the like.

Here is where RYZEN 5 family stand:

AMD Ryzen 5 SKUs
Cores/ Threads Base/ Turbo XFR L3 TDP Cost Cooler
Ryzen 5 1600X 6/12 3.6/4.0 +100 16 MB 95 W $249
Ryzen 5 1600 6/12 3.2/3.6 +100 16 MB 65 W $219 Spire
Ryzen 5 1500X 6/12 3.5/3.7 +200 16 MB 65 W $189 Spire
Ryzen 5 1400 6/12 3.2/3.4 +50 8 MB 65 W $169 Stealth

Now, let’s talk in details for these 4 SKUs –

RYZEN 5 1600X – Price $249 USD (Anywhere between 17,000 To 18,000 INR)

So, on that note lets talk about our first chip here which is the flagship 6 core, 12 Thread part
the 1600X. The R5 1600x is for just $249 USD and that’s very exciting to puts a very competitive price with the core i5 7700K, however, it’s got 2 more cores and 4 more threads, which is super awesome and we also get the base clock 3.6GHz with the boost of 4.0 GHz and I believe this is going to be single core, don’t caught me on that as that is one detail that AMD left out but I think 4. GHz boost is going to apply to a single core for a single-threaded workload. You probably gonna have to manually overclock it in order to apply that frequency to all cores just like we saw with RYZEN 7.

As for as XFR goes AMD was also leaving us in the dark as far as what kind of boost we can expect from XFR if its just gonna be an another 100 MHz overclock similar to what we saw in 1800x for example OR it’s going to be something different we don’t know at this point but XFR will infect be there. We also got 95-watt TDP on this particular chip. This is the only part in RYZEN 5 that is rated as 95 watts TDP, all the other SKUs are 65 watts so bare that in mind that is also the only SKUs in R5 that is not going to come bundled with any cooler. So, AMD wants to you should buy a separate cooler for this CPU.

RYZEN 5 1600 – Price $219 USD (Anywhere around 15,000 INR)

Next, we have got the 1600 which is the other 6 core and 12 Thread in the RYZEN 5 line-up. Basically, it’s going to be retailing at $219 USD – very attractive price points here with a 3.2 GHz out of the box base with the boost upto 3.6 GHz again we don’t know how X far is going to affect this particular part. The RYZEN 5 1600 will ship with the 65-watt TDP and will also come bundle the wraith SPIRE cooler, very similar to the one that comes package with the R7 1700. However, all of the SPIRE cooler come bundled with R5 parts will not feature any LED blink.


RYZEN 5 1500X – Price $189 USD (Anywhere around 13,500 INR)

Next, we have the RYZEN 5 1500X which is going to be 4 core 8 Threads part also very exciting especially given the price point which is going to be retailing at $189 USD. I must say it’s very competitive price here 4 cores 8 Threads a boost clock of 3.5 GHz boosting to 3.7 GHz and for this particular CPU, AMD actually did give a clue as to how X far was going to function with this particular part. So, we are actually going to be seeing an XFR boost upto 3.9 GHz potentially which is a 200MHZ boost are twice as much as the 100MHZ boost that we saw in the 1800X for example. But 3.9 GHz potentially right out of the box, it’s very exciting. Like the R5 1600, the 1500X is a 65-watt TDP chip that is going to be bundled with wraith SPIRE cooler NON LED version.

RYZEN 5 1400 – Price $169 USD (Anywhere around 12,000 INR)

Now finally we have our entry level 4 core 8 thread part within the R5 line-up. This is the RYZEN 5 1400 at just $169 USD, super exciting price point here base clock of 3.2 GHz boosting to 3.4GHz. The 65-watt TDP chip will come included with the wraith STEALTH cooler which is a slightly smaller version of the wraith SPIER at least from the looks of the pictures.

And that’s a pretty much it – those are all the specs I have for four new parts in the RYZEN 5 family, very exciting stuff. I think RYZEN 5 stack is going to create more of the disrupt honestly in the desktop CPU market then the RYZEN 7 did. You guys please do let me know in the comment section below also which one of these SKUs so far stand out to you the most on which one would you have an eye on based on performance in pricing and things like that.