Latest Comparison Between Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2

Latest Comparison Between Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2

Samsung is going to launch its upcoming Note -3. Usually it will comes in every one’s mind what new added to the successor of the Galaxy Note-2. Many of the gadget lovers are interested to know about the advanced features incorporated in the Note -3 than the Note-2. Comparable to Note-3 what up gradation has been done in the Note-3. Just think is it worth to reimburse the double price for this new generous gadget. Take a look over the significant comparisons between both the devices.


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The new device is upgraded with the new S-Pen from the former one. Moreover another new feature in the Note-3 is that it incorporates new air command menu which will start at a strange method. In the device just switch the S Pen button then you can just wave your hand or do any action to change the screen. No such types of additional features are present in the Note -2.

Other hand Note -2 is already present with a customized way in which you can capture a screen shot and then just allow drawing on the top of it. Basically the interface in the Note-3 and Note -2 does not have a large difference between them.

Operating System

The best thing is that the Note -3 will approach with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean processor. This is exceptionally tuned Galaxy Gear timepiece. According to the developers almost all the Samsung devices that is working on Android 4.3 version will work with the Gear.

Other hand Galaxy Note-2 is running over the Android 4.1. Again Note II was the first to launch with Google and expandable notifications. Again Note III will bring other extra –ordinary features like Open GL ES 3.0 graphics, auto complete on the dialing pad.


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Everyone is apprehensively waiting for the look of the new device. The Samsung Galaxy Note III is little bit more lightly in weight from Note II. While the Note II sports a smaller screen of 5.5 inches than 5.7 inches Note III. Both the devices are fit to the similar plastic case not a metallic one. While taking a look over the Note III it has very wide screen than the Note II. Taking about the look both have the same dynamic appearances. These 5.5 inches is also not lagging behind the Note II in its features.

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Besides having wider screen you can easily carry the Note III in your tight pockets whereas Note II is quite heavier to carry. While coming to resolution, the resolution of the former device is 1280 x 720 pixels significantly less than Note III that is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Note III will provide you better picture quality from Note II.


The Samsung is giving the assurance that Note III will click you superior quality of pictures from the previous one. The Galaxy Note 3 is greater advancement with 13 Mega pixel camera from 8 Mega pixel Note 2.
Talking about the video, Note -3 will also succeed over Note -2 having limited 1080p. It is also enhanced with long hours recording time.


The new gadget will be arrived with wider display screen, sharper resolution, modified mega pixel camera, running over new android version and faster processor. Whereas the Note II will support comparatively less features from the successor in lesser price.


The phablet is internally also much well designed from the previous version Galaxy Note II. The former one is designed by only 1.6 GHz quad-core processor whereas the Note III is designed by 2.3 GHz quad-core chipset with additional LTE support or else 1.9 GHz octa-core processor. According to the processor both there are little bit variation but other aspects both are similar. Samsung also increase 50% of Note III RAM (3 GB) whereas Note II have only 2 GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be powered by the capacity 3100 mAh to 3200 mAh slightly better from Note 2. Previous iteration was powered up to 3100 mAh and lasting up to 7 hours and 45 minutes during Laptop Battery Test. Hopefully Note III cross all the previous records in the battery test.

After analysing all the overall aspects of both the devices .Galaxy Note III will succeed over the Note II. It will set a new bench mark to all the upcoming notes in the coming future.


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