Formula1 2013 Releasing This Autumn in Its New Look, But Only For...

Formula1 2013 Releasing This Autumn in Its New Look, But Only For Current Gen


Formula 1 game is one of the most famous and most played games. Most of the gamers love it because of the exciting cool features of the game. You might have experienced the difference when you play it. Due to the popularity developers are developing different features to give some sort of special effect. This development has been made to this game only for Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and computers. Other platforms including Wii U and PS Vista are not included in the development this year. I am sure people will love the new features and will have a nice experience. It is scheduled to be released on this autumn season that is in the mid September time of 2013.

Next we will talk about the edition and features. According to official announcement it will be of standard and classic edition. More over it has a great focusing on a new game play mode which is called F1 Classics. The developed is Murray Walker. F1 focuses on different types of cars that are Williams, Lotus and Ferrari. The drivers are Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi and Gerard Berger.

Further classifications will be revealed officially in future. We will get a classic content in other game modes that are split screen and online multiplayer with classic circuits Brands Hatch and Jerez are preinstalled. This edition will add two content packs to the pot based on 1990s and extra circuits. The classic cars are included that are from Williams and Ferrari with drivers named as David Coulthard, Jacques Villeneuve, Eddie Irvine and Alain Prost.

This game is available in paid version. If you want try the free version then you will be provided with two packs of optional downloads. This will be available to you after the release. So, wait for the coming months then you can get more information little later. There is a very little information regarding this game because it has not released yet and there is time for this.

As we know there is no news for other platforms like Xbox One and Play Station, there is no prediction also. Some proper developments and jobs are to be done. So other extra features will be available to you next year in September. I have previously mentioned that Wii U and PS Vita are the unsupported formats for this but these new features will be available to you via Twitter. Ninentendo’s version will support a different game for running on the device and PS via does not have the financial sense to avail this game.

If you have a modern computer you can best experience this game for better graphics and developed technologies. Touhscreen facility of latest devices may add extra color to it which might give a better experience. Other things include the best derived features from latest OS, laptops and phones make formula 1 racing more better that will give the real experience of car racing. All the gamers must be very happy regarding this game’s release. Wait for further updates and get the details of what you want to know about the latest version of Formula 1 racing.

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